Employment Opportunities
Ombudsman Specialist (part-time)
November 9, 2023
Employment Opportunities
Ombudsman Specialist (part-time)
November 9, 2023


The Caregiver Services Program is an ongoing process that includes assessing the needs of caregivers and clients, coordinating available support services that most appropriately meet the identified needs as mutually defined by older individuals, staff, and where appropriate, a family member(s) or other caregiver(s).


The Caregiver Services Specialist assists informal caregivers in decision-making and problem-solving related to the caregiver role through educational presentation, seminars, health fairs, mass media and client groups. The Specialist will create, coordinate and implement all activities and management of Time Out day-programming. The Specialist will maintain a resource library and other informational resources; assessing and processing the ongoing needs of caregivers and clients. Special attention will be given to maintaining existing partnerships and creating new relationships with community partners for the purpose of client outreach, resources and educational/supportive events for caregivers.


  1. Reports to: Aging Services Department Director
  2. Directs: May direct interns and/or volunteers
  3. Other: Collaborate with COG staff; federal, state and local agencies and officials; COG Governing Body; Executive Director; and the general public.


The essential duties of this position include but are not limited to the following performance measures:

  1. Plan, Implement and Evaluate activities for the Time Out Program including the creation of a monthly activity calendar.
  2. Assist with the Recruitment, interviewing, and training of volunteers for the Time Out Program.
  3. Coordinate and direct all operation and activity associated with the Time Out program with the assistance of 2-3 volunteers.
  4. Interview all caregivers for the various programs to gather information and determine eligibility or appropriateness of available services.
  5. Assist with the coordination, monitoring and facilitation of caregiver education and training groups.
  6. Assist in the exploration of funding sources/fundraising/grant opportunities for programs;
  7. Provide an intervention to older individuals based upon the principles of Evidence-Based Intervention (EBI) programming and identified program within AAA; once trained will offer one EBI per AAA fiscal year.
  8. Evaluate client status and update files as appropriate, maintaining state database.
  9. Assist in the dissemination of accurate information for older relative caregivers caring for children 18 years of age and under;
  10. Develop and maintain a resource library and other informational resources.
  11. Establish and maintain a working relationship with service providers;
  12. Provide program awareness through community outreach and collaborate with community partners for events.
  13. Maintain records and data essential to the operation of the program in accordance with acceptable standards.
  14. Participate in short and long range strategic planning.
  15. Assist the Department Director with handling complaints, disputes and grievances with clients and service providers;
  16. Attend training, meetings, conferences related to program goals;
  17. Provide all required documentation in a timely manner, which may include client follow-up, outcome evaluation, client contact sheets, and evaluations- including Brookdale report for Time Out program.
  18. Perform other duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.


Texas local government structure and intergovernmental relations. Must be able to maintain complete and accurate records; must demonstrate organizational and time management skills; must demonstrate effective client interview techniques; must be able to understand, apply and communicate rules, regulations and guidelines by state and federal agencies relating to program; establish and maintain effective working relationships with representatives of local, state and federal agencies, local businesses, service providers, and the general public; demonstrate proficiency in both written and oral communication; exhibit excellent computer skills including Word and Excel in a Microsoft Windows environment; analyze and interpret data.


Association Degree in social services, liberal arts, public administration plus at least two years relevant experience working with older adults and their families- including individuals living with dementia and chronic illness- is preferred. Equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities for the position may be considered in lieu of degree. Activity Director Certified (ADC) preferred.


Appropriate driver’s license or available alternate means of transportation.
Certification as Coach in approved AAA Evidenced-Based Intervention programs or pursuit of within first year of employment.
ADC-Activity Director Certified-pursuit within two years of employment.


$15.60/hr to $18.00/hr depending on qualifications
Non-Exempt Full-time (40 hours/week)